Pierre Richard Expert Maritime graduated from the Chapman School of Seamanship and has been passionate about the marine sector for more than 20 years. He provides full marine inspection and marine expert services: marine expertise in insurances, expertise in the purchase or sale of boats, damage assessment, comprehensive diagnostic for marine mortgages, and more. Our devoted team is mandated to offer the best marine expertise available to you in the sector. Book an appointment now by filling out our online form.

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Reports by Pierre Richard Expert Maritime include recommendations to maximize the boaters’ safety. They also include a compliant and fair assessment in order to renew your insurance policies, to buy or to sell boats.

Marine expertise

Our complete understanding of the marine sector enables us to offer comprehensive services in terms of insurances, sales and purchases of watercrafts and more.

  • Diagnostic
  • Damage
  • Expertise
  • Complete Marine Inspection
  • Claims
  • Safety

Certified marine expert

Thanks to the rules of practice and strict regulations of the most prestigious associations in the field, your marine inspector writes expert reports based on updated new technologies and the ABYC and Transport Canada safety standards.

The Association of Chartered Marine Surveyors from Quebec (AIMAQ)

Pierre Richard Expert Maritime is a member of the Association of Chartered Marine Surveyors from Quebec (AIMAQ). This professional association has admission standards among the highest in Canada, a demanding code of ethics and rules of practice to provide and maintain the highest levels of professionalism.


BoatU.S. is the largest and oldest association for boaters. For more than 40 years, BoatUS has been focusing on providing the best marine services, offering significant cost reductions and helping to keep all North American boaters safe.


The ABYC aims to develop safe rules of practice and engineering standards for the design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of small boats.

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) provides information and certifies its members in the marine inspection sector to set specific and strict standards in their practice.

Chapman School of Seamanship

The Chapman School of Seamanship is there to meet the various but increasing training or information needs of the marine industry experts and professional or recreational boaters.

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